Work boat rental

Regularly serviced

Our work boat hire service consists of our own boats and chartered ones. We can serve various needs – all from simple transportation of people and pleasure trips, to underwater surveys and other needs which companies or individuals in maritime industry might have.

For work or pleasure

By far the fastest travel from one point to another in Africa, is the sea, if only destination places are on the beach or connected to the beach. Here we can offer a wide range of boats, partly our own and partly chartered, for all kind of engagements: from the working operations to the pleasure time.

Our boats will soon be a household name in Guinea…

Our work boat rental service is at it’s beginning and once fully developed we should maintain several regular lines around the area and as far as Sierra Leone for the cargo and people. We will keep you informed on these pages about development and possibilities. Please contact us for details and if it is in our power, we will suit and serve you.