Protecting agent (shipping) & CTM


We know local area very well so we can provide the most reliable service around.

Protecting agent

Looking for somebody, who can watch over your interests in Guinea, someone who knows his ways around

  • Conakry and
  • Kamsar

somebody you can trust and rely on? We are the right address to turn to and we  proved that on numerous occasions.

For Shipowners, Shipmanagers and Charterers alike, we will serve as their protective agents. Our staff consists of local people, who were born here and know their ways around the port and city inside out.

Our services as protective agent proved many times invaluable and were worth the money customers paid for. We serve on 24/7 basis: the friend in need is a friend indeed!


Cash to Master (CTM) and other activities

We understand the risk shipowner is taking when sending cash to Master. Cash has to be physically transported to the vessel and there may be all kinds of perils waiting  on the way, threatening that money will be lost. We have done that many times successfully and gained the necessary trust from Owners the hard way by doing everything possible to protect the cash and deliver it safely.

As soon as money lays on our bank account, we need 1 banking day to withdraw it and deliver it to Master, either in port (Conakry, Kamsar or other) or at anchorage for a very reasonable fee, comparable to all convenient ports.

We have the manpower to organize cargo tally if necessary as well as port watchmen, which is highly recommended, especially if the cargo is sugar or rice and preventing pilfering is a major undertaking.

If needed, our working group will also clean tanks, chip rusty area and/or clean the engine room and bilges.

As a protective agent we will do all above and more to the best of our ability and definitely with the one goal only: to satisfy the Customer and make him come back to us and use our services again.

Write to us for more or for specific interest or information and prices. We will be glad to answer.