Technical ship supply

We offer low prices

In today’s low market in shipping, every saved dollar counts. But the ship has to be maintained, no matter how the market is. With a feeling for a Customer and view how every saved dollar is important, we form our prices of technical supplies. Being that a spare part, simple gas for welding, or a service for clearance and transport of airfreighted spares, we treat it same as far as price is concerned: with utmost care and to the acceptance of the Customer.

Send via air, we'll pick it up

If you want to send some spares via air, we are the right people to pick them up in Conakry Airport, clear them from customs and deliver them on board within max 3 working days. There is no limit to the size or value of the parcel you want to send to vessel in any Guinean port (specially Conakry and Kamsar).


Technical ship supply:

  • General ship engine spares
  • Simple spare parts out of stock as found in guinean workshops
  • Acetylene and oxygen supply gases including environment friendly freon
  • Luboils and greases
  • Chemicals for cleaning holds after cement, coal and other dirty cargoes
  • Known Marine paints , such as International and Chugoku are hard to get in Conakry, but we can provide quality equivalents for acceptable prices.
  • All kinds of engine stores, including cotton rags and cotton waste, together with various tools and spanners
  • Checkered plating, hydraulic pipes and valves, profile iron
  • Welding rods and arc welding machines
  • Gasket materials and filter materials
  • Vast array of products as shown in IMPA book