General ship supply

We offer low prices

For some reason or another, prices in West Africa are always high, which is the main reason why ship managers avoid buying general ship supplies here.

We found the way to cut corners and offer prices, which can beat any other supplier in the area, being that provision and bonded through our close partner Socadal, or deck, cabin and engine stores that we supply directly.

From small to large orders

Reliable and accurate ship supply is a clue for her smooth functioning and navigation. We react instantly and accurately to every enquiry.

There is no order small enough that we would reject, nor big enough to be unable to fulfill. Every client gets a personal approach. With us you are dealing with people, not machines.

Therefore we can be flexible in everything we do, even payments. We are not hesitating to give reasonable discounts for immediate payment and good payment terms for regular customers.


We can supply even from abroad

Through our partners abroad, we can supply in most reasonable time:

  • Safety pyrotechnics, such as red flares, rocket parachute flares and smoke signals, including MOB.
  • Paper nautical charts
  • Last edition of nautical publications and other marine books as per IMO requirements, some of them also in electronic form
  • Lifeboat food rations
  • Approved marine medical kit


The orders should be placed at least 5 days in advance.